Safe4Kids Parents' Information Workshop

Did you know up to 30 percent of children experience some form of childhood sexual abuse?

This isn’t just some statistic. This is real kids, with real lives and real aspirations and futures. Luckily, our Safe4Kids Parents Information course will provide YOU with the tools and the confidence to talk to your children about their safety in both their online (and offline!) worlds.

Nobody wants to EVER imagine any kind of abuse happening to their child - it’s too abhorrent to even think about, right?

But the fact is abuse DOES happen, and if we don’t know how to talk to our children about it – then we are simply not prepared enough as parents.

Do you know what to do (or say) if your child discloses some form of abuse? (Don’t worry – we give you these tools in the course!)

Our course is presented in a sensitive and easy to understand way, so that you are empowered and confident to approach this topic with your family (it’s a serious topic, but there’s a better way to approach all of this so it doesn’t become too dark for you)

Holly-ann Martin

We know, by breaking this huge subject down to short, bite-size videos, you’ll:

  • Feel confident talking to your children and your family about this sensitive topic
  • Act appropriately and effectively when dealing with a disclosure of abuse
  • Teach your children how to have informed conversations with you about abuse and pornography (no more uncomfortable avoidances about this – we’ll give you these skills!)

As you know, one of the most challenging aspects of being a parent is preparing your child for the potential challenges that exist in the world out here.

The thing is though, how do you achieve this without scaring them, wrapping them in bubble wrap or providing them with too much information? It’s a fine balancing act that a lot of parents find daunting.

Well, rather than The Overwhelm you might be feeling on this, we’re going provide you with invaluable skills and strategies to help YOU educate your children about unsafe situations.

We’re going to help YOU protect them from potential harm, by giving you all the tools that you need to confidently navigate this subject with your family.

Within two short hours, our Safe4Kids Parents’ Information course videos will equip you to:

Identify the benefits of child abuse prevention education

Communicate to your child the importance of Consent and recognising ‘Safe Touches’ and ‘Unsafe Touches’

Identify the importance of the need for children to‘Risk on Purpose’

Explain to your children the names and meaning of their different feelings

Help your child to recognise their bodies ‘Early Warning Signs’

  • Explain to your child the difference between ‘Telling and Dobbing’.
  • Engage in more active listening with your children.
  • Enable your child to set up a ‘Safety Team’ of five trusted adults.
  • Describe the services provided by the Kids Help Line.
  • Explain to your child the role of the Police is to help keep us safe.
  • Communicate to your children the importance of persisting in ‘Telling’ if they feel unsafe.
  • Instruct your children on the correct anatomical names for their Private Body Parts.
  • Engage your children in discussion about the impact of pornography.
  • Explain to your children that they can say ‘NO’ to anyone if they feel unsafe.
  • Communicate to your child the importance of asking themselves the ‘Three Safety Question’.
  • Explain to your child the difference between ‘Good/Safe’ and ‘Bad/Unsafe’ secrets.
  • List the process of responding to a child’s disclosure of abuse.

Free PDF version of our Parents’ Guide to Child Protection Education

With over 30 years’ experience in teaching child abuse prevention education, and as an Author of three children’s books and two parents’ guides on this subject, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge to help parents like you, keep their kids safe.

My passion is to empower and educate children to help ensure their OWN safety, as well as inspire and educate adults and provide them with the tools and skills to help keep children safe.

The Safe4Kids Parents’ Information course will provide you with easy to follow strategies on how you can help keep your children safe from child abuse. We do this in very simple and straightforward bite-sized videos.

I have delivered this training face-to-face to thousands of parents around Australia and also internationally and gave them the language to be able to talk with their children and help keep them safe.

And now this training is finally available to YOU here online at a price that’s less than two cinema tickets on a Friday night.

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